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Invite Christians

How to Invite Christians to Islam Without Quoting Quran?

Salam Dear Sarah, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. You have raised a number of important queries in your question, which are: How can we help Christians to realize the falseness – according to Islam – of some of their basic beliefs, e.g. that Jesus was sent for salvation of …

Three Challenges You Will Encounter in Your Dawah Effort

In the previous part, Dr. Wael Hamza shed light on the importance of Dawah and the necessity of patience to da`iyahs give the challenges they are bound to face. He further classified these challenges into three types. Personal challenges make the first type which is discussed in the first part. The two other types are …

Dawah: Challenges and Keyword Solution (Series)

Dawah: Challenges and Keyword Solution (Series)

Dawah, or calling people to Allah, is a noble cause that was carried out by the most honorable people on earth, the messengers of Allah. Bestowing His Mercy on His creation and helping them fulfill their responsibility as trustees on earth, Allah sent humanity guidance and appointed some of them to help others embrace it: …

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