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How Can We Prepare Our Hearts for Ramadan?

Short Answer: For starters, as always, we must make intention, or niyah, for welcoming Ramadan.Just as you would get excited for the upcoming visit of a good friend or loved one, get excited for the arrival of Ramadan. There is no room in our hearts for Allah if we continually stuff everything else in there to fill the …

Countdown to Ramadan Begins (Memories & Reflections)

Countdown to Ramadan Begins (Memories & Reflections)

With the month of Sha`ban passing all too quickly, one can’t help but think of the approaching month of Ramadan, the Muslims’ favorite time of the year. Ramadan is where we are given the chance to start afresh. It is a month where new beginnings can be mad, requiring special preparations and a list, if …

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