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A Dutch Revert on His Hajj Journey

A Dutch Revert on His Hajj Journey

Step by step, I leave all materialistic matters and privacy behind me until I sleep outside underneath the clear sky. To return to God is to return to oneself. Everything that ties you down in this world slowly disappears. Your choices and strength of belief surface. It is a learning experience.

A Dutch Revert’s Reflections on His First Hajj
A Dutch Revert's Reflections on His First Hajj

In most of our deeds we follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, peace be upon him, but not for the sa’i. Here, you follow in the footsteps of Hajar, like the Prophet peace be upon him used to do. Hajar and her son Isma’il…

Many Years Longing for Hajj: A Story from Australia

Preparing for hajj we must have the right mentality, otherwise we would find it very difficult to cope. Take one thing at a time, have the intention to please God in the best way possible, and go with an open mind. Take Hajj as a journey.

My First Hajj – Tips and Stories
My First Hajj - Tips and Stories

This was unlike any other experience. We had read that we would all be reciting the above words, but yet the actual experience of reciting it, all of us together, created an amazing feeling of unity. This is a feeling you seldom find in the Ummah on a daily basis…

Why Do People Find Peace in Hajj Despite the Hard Rites?
UK Sister Reflects on Hajj

We hear so much about the rules and regulations around Hajj and of the challenges that people face, but what is it about that journey and the performance of those rituals that can bring about such peace? Why does God place the obligation on Muslims…

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