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Parents’ Guide for a Productive Summer


For many Muslim families, summer can be a time of great connection and adventure. It’s often a time of long road trips, exotic vacations, and jam-packed camps and events. However, for other families, summer can also be a very stressful time. With children and parents in tight quarters it can lead to arguments and hair-pulling. …

Why Do You Wear Hijab? Here is My Answer
Wearing Hijab in Summer … The Question and Answer

As Muslim women who wear the hijab in non-Muslim countries, we often spend our days being stared at, pointed at, and at times, even glared at. It is all part of the Muslim experience. The greatest part, though, is being asked what one can call interesting questions. Even more so during the hot summer season …

Remembering My First Summer as a New Muslim
Remembering My First Summer as a New Muslim

I remember my first summer as a Muslim. It wasn’t that long after I converted, and I was barely into the transition phase. I knew that hijab is obligatory, but I was definitely not ready to tell my family and the world what I had just recently discovered myself.

Quick, Easy Summer Hijab Styles

6 Comfort Tips for Staying Cool in Summer
Surviving the Summer Sizzle

Staying cool in the summer sun is essential for your body and mind. How else will you maintain a full and busy schedule? There are several ways to keep cool this summer while also dressing modestly.

A Blessed Life and a Continuous Impact
A Blessed Life and a Continuous Impact

In his well-known book, Al-Hikam (Words of Wisdom), sheikh Ahmad ibn `Ataa’illah as-Sakandari says:  How often has a long life brought about so little, and how often has a short life brought about so much. If someone’s life is blessed, he will reach, in a short time, bounties from Allah that cannot be expressed in …

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