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25 Most Beautiful Pictures of Prophet’s Mosque

Muslims have finished Hajj and are anticipating a new Hijri year. Many of the pilgrims are currently visiting the city of the Prophet before going home. They enjoy praying in the Prophet’s Mosque and visiting Madinah’s landmarks.

It is perfect time to share some of the most beautiful pictures of the Prophet’s Mosque. Thanks to the Hajj group of Imam Abu Eesa from UK, we have these amazing images. They kindly permitted us to republish them.

Enjoy these highly inspiring photos. Remember those early days of Islam, when the Prophet and his Companions left everything behind and moved to Madinah, the new safe haven of Islam.

Every inch in these photographed places witnessed great stories of sacrifice and struggle to lay the foundation for this great Ummah.

Thanks to years of tireless work and effort, tears and pains, determination and patience, the message of Islam was firmly established and its light spread to the whole world.

May Allah grant you the opportunity to visit the Prophet and His Mosque, Amen!

Here is an amazing collection of Prophet’s Mosque pictures:

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