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Why Am I a Muslim?

Jameelah's Journey to Islam

Why Am I a Muslim?
In submitting to God through Islam.. I am simply saying.. I want my whole life to reflect His will. I want to worship Him with my whole being 24 hours a day.

I guess to understand why I am a Muslim I have to first ask myself why did I become a Christian?

I know and understand the thruth that we are here on this earth for no other purpose than to worship God.. the Creator of the Universe.

Everything we do in life revolves around this one truth.. in fact the bible says “what soever you eat or drink, or whatevery you do.. do it all to the glory of God.”

My life therefore is mine for one reason only.. to worship and live for God in my marriage, in my family and in my work.

When I realised this as a little girl, I started attending Church and I accepted everything taught to me because it was for me the way to worship and live for God in this world.

Nothing else mattered.. only Him. So when I thought I was going to work overseas in a mission hospital with no thought of marriage.. it was easy to do, because the promise was that God would be a husband to me.

My whole desire was to hear His words to me on judgement Day.. “well done good and faithful servant.” enter in to the joy of my presence.

I’ve long been concerned about the focus on Jesus in the church. When I led services I tried to focus on worshp of God. When I prayed, yes I prayed in Jesus name, as I was commanded, but my prayers were never addressing the Holy Spirit or Jesus..but always God my Heavenly Father.

As a Christian and working with a christian organisation, my focus was to bring people into a relationship with God. I wanted them to know Him as I did. I wanted them to know in their inner most being the reality of God as their everything.

Then I was introduced to Islam. Complete submission to the will of God, leading to peace with God.

As a Christian I had been taught that the Old Testament pointed to Christ’s coming. Yet, I began to find Jews who were so full of obedience to their Jewish roots and they did not read the Old Testament as I had been taught to believe and they had good reasons not to.

I was confronted with many Christians around the world who do not believe in Christ as God in any sense of the world. I had to ask myself, how can this true and strong Christians deny the Diety of Christ and yet still believe He died for them?

The more I searched Church History the more I became convinced we are only taught the Trinitarian perspective. There is so much evidence that there were many who were Christians who did not believe in the Deity of Christ but they were squashed by those who did. At the council of Nicea the books chosen to form the NT were all those that agreed with Trinitariasm even though many were in use at l that time that did not agree with it. They were equally accepted as God’s word until Nicea.

The heretics became those who denied His deity and worshipped God alone. I had to ask myself.. as I looked into Islam and Judaism and saw strong and very God focused people .. why is it I say Christianity is the only way? I looked at the Christian church and asked.. if Christianity is the only way, why is the Church not strong and thriving and why when we share the Gospel as openly and as strongly and bathed in as much prayer as I have in the past 5 years.. we not see people coming to faith?

I was left with one conclusion.. for every thing I had said against Islam particularly, there was a million OT reasons why Islam was saying things that had been told to the generations before Christianity. God’s word in the Bible, in the Qur’an and in the Jewish Scriptures all says one things “God’ word will remain forever.”

If this is so.. then why do we have such a change .. God told the Israelites they would be blessed for obedience and punished for disobedience. He promised all the OT prophets that if His people humbled themselves and prayed and turned from their wicked ways they would receive His forgiveness and salvation. Suddenly the Church is saying that there needs to be blood atonement.. and they constantly refer to a few verses in the OT all of which can be translated differently and understood differently depending on translation and on interpretation.

When the rich young ruler asked how he could be saved.. Christ did not say .. wait till I die in a few years time and then believe in me.. He told the young man who really did have a genuine and earnest desire to serve and honour God.. to obey all the commandments.. again obedience.

The young man went away sad.. Yes, He knew he couldn’t obey them.. but we have always been taught that is why we need Christ’s death.. but do we? If we look at the whole Torah.. the command was to be intentionally obedient, not to be selfish.. and this young man was being selfish.. Christ had shown Him that His heart was not on God but on his money and possessions and this was why He went away sad.. He could have used His possessions to the glory of God.. but He chose to hang onto them.. this showed no dependence on God for both the provision of those riches and the continuation of them.

When David sinned with Bathsheeba, God told David, He did not want burnt offerings.. He wanted a contrite (sorry) heart.

His words say in Psalm 51

You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it
You do not take pleasure in burnt offerings
The sacrifices of God are a spirit
a broken and contrite heart
O God you will not despise.

Earlier he had said in Pslam 51

Have mercy on me Oh God,
according to your unfailing love
according to your great compassion
blot out my transgressions
Wash alway all my iniquities
and clense me from my sin.

Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean
wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow

HIde your face from my sin
And blot out all my iniquity.

Create in me a pure heart oh God,
Renew a right spirit within me.

If God forgave sin like this in the OT.. why suddenly need to provide Himself as a sacrifice in the NT.

As Christians we think very little of living a life that glorifies God. We live in a Christian faith that teaches health wealth and prosperity doctrines. That ignores the fact Christ said that the Peace makers would see God, yet do not speak out against the atrocities in the world that are so often the cause of more “terrorism” than that publically called terrorism. We forget that in the past He punished Israel for her disbelief and evil ways, and yet Christianity itself takes a back seat when there is sin and we do not call people or states to account for their sin.

We live in an attitude of Christ died for my sin.. I’m saved. We have forgotten that yes if He did die for our sin, then our need to live a holy life in total submission is even greater.. it says in Hebrews? that all judgement will begin with the Household of God. To those to whom much has been given, much will be required. God was very angry with those who would say things in His name and yet did not acknowledge Him as Lord in their hearts.

In submitting to God through Islam.. I am simply saying.. I want my whole life to reflect His will. I want to worship Him with my whole being 24 hours a day. I want to show the world, that saying I am worshipping God, isn’t about having a belief that someone else has paid the penalty for my sin.. it’s about me standing before my Creator on the day of Judgement and having to give an account to Him.. something even those who do believe in the atonement will not escape.

Why not be a Submitted Christian? because to do that would be to worship God as Trinity.. or at least to make Christ what He is not.. God. He Himself said that the we are to obey the teachings of His God.. as we obey the words of the Prophets, we obey the word of God.. they become the Word of God to us. The Logos as it says in the fourth Gospel.

Hell is never taught in Christianity anymore.. yet Christ spoke more about it than He did about other things..

We cannot afford to live on this life earth and forget that the day of accounting is ahead.. Islam simply acknowledges we will all face that accounting and Islam calls us to live a life now that takes it into account..

Islam is not terrorism.. Islam is simply saying live on this earth as if God Himself were amongst us.. every prayer, every action every word, should be an acknowledgement of His right to control our lives and demand our obedience to His written law and His spoken law.

As Christ said.. in the sermon on the mount.. “Let your light so shine before men they will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

May that be true in my life.. for that is the reason I am a Muslim.. that God may be glorified in my life.

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