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My Sister Married a Christian Man: What to Do?



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Sep 14, 2016


My elder sister has been married to a white Christian man , has two children , one is almost 20 years now, which means her marriage to him is so long . She is way older than me. I love her; she is so nice. she played a big role in my life including paying my education and taking me to Europe from Africa. Our mother died when I was a baby and this sister that time was 13 years old, I have other sisters and brothers older than me from the same mother too. Our family never accepted her marriage to a Christian man since she was born and raised us a Muslim. To her it seems okay, also never practices Islam anymore and doesn't seem to associate to Christianity; she lives in the west. Our family have never been happy about this including me. She rarely visit home but I always visited her; her elder daughter is already dating men. Basically my sister is in the wrong relationship, where she lives there are no Muslims in that area. Her kids and husband don't know about Islam. We always prayed for her. My father who passed away 10 years ago, liked her since she was helpful to him, and used to pray for her. My question is how can we help return her life back to a practicing Muslimah.



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