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Theresa Corbin is a New Orleans native and Muslimah who converted in 2001 after many years of soul searching and religious study. She is a freelance writer, editor and graphic artist who focuses on themes of conversion, integration, societal stereotyping and bridging gaps between cultures and religions.Visit her blog, islamwich, where she and fellow contributors discuss the intersection of culture and religion.

Author Articles

While, I am not interested in the modern Valentine paradigm, I am interested in taking a lesson from the occasion.

Reflections on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day as we know it in modern times is touted as a celebration of romantic love… But Valentine’s Day didn’t start out that way. The holiday’s roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Then, it became a feast day…


I AM a human being, an American, a southerner, and I have chosen to be a Muslim. I choose to dress modestly because I refuse to be defined by the size and shape of my body

What It’s Like Being A Hijabi in the US

One last look in the mirror, Theresa. Make sure you don’t have anything hanging out of your nose. Are your eyebrows trying to run wild on your forehead? … I tell myself as I put my purse on my shoulder and lock the car door. I stand up straight and hold my gaze forward with as much self-respect…


Just like when we breathe, we inhale what our body needs and exhale what it doesn't need, in prayer, we are taking in what is good and removing what is bad from our souls.

Your Salah is Your Oxygen

If you are new to Islam or are just becoming more serious about your Islam, salah may slip your mind throughout the day, as you are not used to making time for it on a regular basis. The good news is that once you do make a point to pray on time every time, it becomes second nature and you will feel it missing no matter what you are doing.


Since the Prophets were tested the most, we can look to them as perfect examples of how to deal with calamity when it touches our lives.

Don’t Let Calamity Shake You

At the age of 21, after many years of searching and studying monotheistic religions, I took the statement of faith that makes one a Muslim. At this point in my life I had suffered many trials. I grew up in constant fear of my abusive, alcoholic father…


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