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Theresa Corbin is a New Orleans native and Muslimah who converted in 2001 after many years of soul searching and religious study. She holds a BA in English Lit and is a writer, editor, and graphic artist who focuses on themes of conversion to Islam, Islamophobia, women's issues, and bridging gaps between peoples of different faiths and cultures. She is a regular contributor for and Al Jumuah magazine. Her work has also been featured on CNN and the Washington Post, among others publications.Visit her blog, islamwich, where she discuss the intersection of culture and religion.

Author Articles

Mom-Shaming in Our Muslim Communities

I was a foster mother to a vibrant and beautiful little girl. She came to my door-step both intensely fragile and incredibly strong. This experience taught me that giving birth is just the beginning of how amazingly difficult it is to fill the role of mother. It made me realize why it…


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