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Selma Cook has written a number of books including: Buried Treasure (An Islamic novel for teenagers), The Light of Submission (Islamic Poetry). She has also edited and revised many Islamic books.

Author Articles

5 Tips for Summer Time

5 Tips for Better Use of Summer Time

Summer is here again! Most school and university students have finished their exams and started their summer vacation. Plans, dreams, and aspirations of how to spend this vacation are on the minds of young people. But the question is, are these plans beneficial for you and the community in which you live? The first thing …



Why Volunteer in Ramadan?

Ramadan is truly a blessed time, a special time when we discover the reality of ourselves. For some, this is a frightening experience while it is reassuring for others. When we endure the rigors of fasting, our pretenses fall and we are more likely to see what we are really made of. This can be …


Take a Minute to Think This Ramadan

Take a Minute to Think This Ramadan

Jarir (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet said, “Allah does not show mercy to whoever does not show mercy to people.” (Al-Bukhari) Maybe we have all heard this hadith at some time, but it is really something to think about during the blessed month of Ramadan. One of the reasons we …


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