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Sadaf Farooqi is an author, blogger and freelance writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. To date, Sadaf has authored over 300 original articles, most of which can be accessed on her blog, "Sadaf's Space" ( She has recently started self-publishing her past articles as non-fiction Islamic books, which are available on Amazon and Kindle (

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Zakah is obligatory annual charity that a Muslim has to pay to other needy Muslims in their own towns or countries.

Zakah — The Spiritual Dimension

Even though this act of worship is performed just once a year, zakah is still a kind of strong and potent spiritual “tonic” that gives a Muslim a special kind of “high” as soon as they give some of their money to another Muslim brother or sister. No other kind of spending can beat the feeling that they experience after they have paid their zakah!


As we move on to 2017, we should look back at our 2016 (and even the years before it), and take account of ourselves.

As a Page in History Turns, Time to Reflect

Have we progressed in the past year, and moved towards betterment in the light of the Qur’an, at all levels? Or have we degenerated and degraded further? And, more importantly, what can we do about our factual answers to the above questions, as we enter this new page in history, which will go down in the records of time as 2017?



Marriage Today – Let’s Stop Marginalizing Divorcees

“Bechaari (an Urdu word meaning “poor thing”), says the sixty-something lady with a sigh, as she mentions a twenty-something young girl.“She got divorced after her nikah, even before the rukhsati. (an Urdu word for the official ceremony).” The other ladies present sigh audibly, cluck their tongues, and start shaking their heads slowly in unison. “Poor …


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