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Sadaf Farooqi is an author, blogger and freelance writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. To date, Sadaf has authored over 300 original articles, most of which can be accessed on her blog, "Sadaf's Space" ( She has recently started self-publishing her past articles as non-fiction Islamic books, which are available on Amazon and Kindle (

Author Articles

When traveling is done as an enforced obligation, it is usually not enjoyable. Many husbands and wives usually say goodbye to leisure traveling almost as soon as their honeymoon is over.

Take a Break For a Change of Scene

If a family truly wants to enjoy a trip, they should shed their self-obligated cultural burdens first, and then plan a trip according to their budget. Keep an open mind and try to make the journey as purposeful and light as possible. You can travel somewhere even for two days…



When Parents Force Their Child Into Marriage…

“I was married when I was only 12,” she said calmly and matter-of-factly, as we all let out small but audible gasps of surprise, “..when I was still studying in school. I was informed that I wouldn’t be enrolling into the new academic year.” She paused to reflect, then went on, “My teachers were in …


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught through his own personal example, how to handle the negative behavior of a wife: with patience, manly restraint, and the use of brief but firm words of reprimand, only when necessary.

How Prophet Muhammad Reprimanded Aisha

Because of her young age and lack of life experience, Aisha sometimes did or said things that made her husband reprimand her. We all can learn from these incidents, because even though most husbands nowadays do not have child brides, they do have wives who sometimes behave in ways that they do not like.



Aging Singles: How Parents Cause Delay in Marriage

*Names have been changed in order to protect the individuals’ privacy. Young, attractive, well-educated, pleasant and talented… Sporting a well-rounded personality, hailing from a respected and decent family, and showing bright future prospects… A yuppie in their late twenties or early thirties, or, in a growing number of cases, having recently hit the big four-O …


Zakah is obligatory annual charity that a Muslim has to pay to other needy Muslims in their own towns or countries.

Zakah — The Spiritual Dimension

Even though this act of worship is performed just once a year, zakah is still a kind of strong and potent spiritual “tonic” that gives a Muslim a special kind of “high” as soon as they give some of their money to another Muslim brother or sister. No other kind of spending can beat the feeling that they experience after they have paid their zakah!


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