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Nourdeen Wildeman is born and raised in the Netherlands. He converted to Islam in 2007 and is active in the field of dawah and supporting New Muslims. He is board member for the Dutch 'National Platform for New Muslims', writer and public speaker at gatherings in his country and abroad.

Author Articles

When you see hundreds of people performing a certain act, you could be tempted to follow. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people can’t be wrong, right?

Three Tips For Muslim Pilgrims

Your first sight of the Ka’bah is an intense emotional happening. You will not sleep in your own bed but suddenly with 3 or maybe 5 others in a room. You may have to adapt to temperature, moisture and food which are all different from the place you come from…


I have adopted a new rhythm where my day is not spilt into 'work', 'leisure' and 'sleep' but in segments from prayer to prayer.

Dutch Revert on Hajj – 2

Step by step, I leave all materialistic matters and privacy behind me until I sleep outside underneath the clear sky. To return to God is to return to oneself. Everything that ties you down in this world slowly disappears. Your choices and strength of belief surface. It is a learning experience.


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