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Amal Stapley After accepting Islam in 1992, Amal graduated from the International Islamic University of Malaysia with a degree in Psychology and Islamic studies. She then went on to work with several Islamic organizations in the USA, Egypt and more recently in her home country, the UK.

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About to Convert, Concerned About Hindu Practices

7 Challenges Revert Sisters Face

The first challenge that most new Muslims face is learning how to pray. It’s not just an issue of learning the meanings and how to recite them in Arabic, but there are also the additional challenges if sisters are still living with their parents of how to explain it to them


When Should I Declare My Conversion to Islam?

When should you say your Shahadah? My general answer to this is ‘when your heart feels at peace with your decision’. That will be the time that God has opened your heart and allowed it to know that you are ready to do it. At this time you will be surer than you’ve been of anything that this is the right time.


How to Handle the Pain of Unrequited Love

Having Hope in a Better Tomorrow

What tools can we use to develop hope in the future? The main tool is to develop a closer relationship with God; to learn more about Him, develop and strengthen links with Him and turn to Him for support and guidance. This can be done through reading the Quran and reading…


New Muslim Friendships; Islamic Style – 2

If you find yourself slipping into a friendship with someone you’re attracted to, and you find yourself finding excuses to contact them, to have private conversations or meet them alone – even if this is under the pretext of inviting them to Islam or working on an Islamic project – check yourself to see if you are becoming a Khadn.


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