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"How Can I Become a Man?", My Son Asks

In this counseling answer: •As it is a time for growth and experience, it would be best if your son had a teacher, coach, or trusted elder who could help him navigate these years, as well as a group or community of like-minded friends: Teacher, Truth, and Community— the three elements for spiritual learning and …

I Feel Dumb & Even My Fiancé Criticizes Me

I Feel Dumb & Even My Fiancé Criticizes Me

In this counseling answer: • Think of all the skills and talents that Allah has bestowed you with, and how you can use them to make a true differenceinsha’ Allah. • Do not worry about what others say; forgive them and remember what matters is at the end is Allah’s opinion of you. • First …

Love, Teens

When a 15-Year-Old Girl Falls In Love

In this counseling Answer: •Your parents should be of concern to you, but at this point, if you are involved in a pre-marital relationship you are disobeying Allah and, therefore, your primary goal should be to give up this relationship until and unless you can •If you truly believe this young man will bring you …


My Little Brother Watches Inappropriate Websites

In this counseling answer: •Try to install some sort of filter with a password that will prevent him from viewing it. •Suggest to your parents that they only allow him to view the internet at a certain time when there are other family members in the home monitoring what he is viewing. •Try to use …


My Son Wants to Be A President!

In this counseling answer: •Use all his energies to serve Allah to the best of his ability at this very moment. •He should educate himself as far as his talents will allow. •He should make himself a useful and valuable citizen, able to live a noble, independent and charitable life. •Let him start to serve …


Center of Whose Universe?

As-salamu `Alaikum dear daughter, When people lack faith they’re bound to behave that way because the love ofdunya(worldly life) is strong. We become focused on the materialistic values which becomestronger than the Islamic values, which is a form ofshirk(idol-worshipping). To overcome these obstacles, one has to get closer to Allah and learn the path through …

How to Control My Sexual Fantasies?

How to Control My Sexual Fantasies?

In this counseling answer: “Sex is not something that should be looked down upon, but it is a very delicate affair that must be handled with care. Those who have a particular weakness toward sexual fantasy and desire should really do their best to work towards marrying if at all possible. Realize that fantasy is …


Tempted to Do Wild Things

In this counseling answer: “My advice to you would be simply to be patient and wait and see what develops and how. There is no reason that I can see for you to jump the gun so to speak and pursue either one of the men until you know what their true intentions are.As I …


I Read My Son's Diary

In this counseling answer: “Depending on what your son is studying at university, he probably has many reasons to ponder the very questions that he wrote in his dairy. Young people are naturally full of questions, and this age period is a time when they tend to challenge the status quo. The status quo facing …

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I Am 11 and Want to Know More

As salamu `alaykummy dear son, For those that open their hearts to Him, He makes the way easy, and surely He has made it easy for you. It is beautiful to see children find their way to Him, as this reminds us of His presence in our lives when as adults we might take much …

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