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Muslim Heroes of English Premier League

LONDON – Liverpool fans’ love for the Muslim ‘Egyptian King’ shows how much the English sport has changed since the days of the National Front (NF) far-right fascists chanting on terraces. Britons are changing their opinion about Muslims in the Premier League. The indisputably stylish and devoted Muslim sportsmen of the English Premier League (EPL) …

Muslim Footballers Share `Eid Wishes

LONDON – A host of global Muslim stars were revelling in the celebratory mood as Muslims marked the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the feast, sharing `Eid wishes with their fans worldwide.

Muslim Yaya Toure Avoids Female Fans

Being a devout Muslim, Manchester City’s superstar Yaya Toure has asserted that he prefers to stay in home as a family man, to avoid unwanted distraction from female fans.

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