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Are You Being Spiritually Abused?

“At least you aren’t being hit,” is a common dismissal heard by people suffering degrees of abuse in various relationships, including marriages, birth families, and even in relationships outside of families. In addition to physical, sexual, mental, financial, and emotional abuse, due to recent high-profile cases we are hearing more about spiritual abuse in Muslim …

Abusive Parents: Enough is Enough!

Abusive Parents: Enough is Enough!

In this counseling answer: •We want to appeal to you to get personal counseling because it is not possible on your own to attempt to overcome the highly destructive consequences of abuse that has occurred for over a decade. •One way of dealing with them is to minimize entirely the interaction that you and your family have with …

Do You Have Abusive Parents? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do

Do You Have Abusive Parents? Here Are 4 Things You Can Do

In this counseling answer: “I know, it might feel awkward or scary to talk to someone about your feelings and problems at home/school. However, you can call them from an undisclosed phone number and tell the crisis counselors what is going on. They are unable to know your location or name or anything unless you …

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Should We Expose Someone's Sins to Protect Other People?

Short answer: If it’s a sin that endangers or harms other people in some way, we must absolutely expose it, but in a dignified manner, with the intention to protect others from that person, while also protecting the victims. Don’t forget: none of us is sinless. After exposing their sin in a dignified manner and working …

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