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Can I Pray Zhuhr and `Asr After School

Can I Pray Zhuhr and Asr After School?

I want to know as I am currently a student. Zhuhr prayer starts a few minutes before lunch ends at my school, and I am reluctant on being late to my third period class to pray. `Asr prayer starts during my fourth period class, and praying Zhuhr during the minute break between the two classes leaves hardly any time. My question is, is it permissible for me to pray both Zhuhr and `Asr prayers after school, or should I sacrifice being late for class to pray?

Following the Imam via Screen

Following the Imam via Screen: Valid?

Is it permissible to place a screen in the women’s prayer place displaying the Imam as if he was in front of them so as for their prayer to be accurate; especially, during silent prayer?

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