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Teacher Swims to School Daily, Has Never Missed a Class (Watch)

Meet Abdul Malik, a 42-year-old mathematics teacher at the Muslim Lower Primary School at Padinjattumuri in Malappuram, Kerala. To avoid the 24-km long journey by road, he has been swimming from his home to the school and back, for over 20 years now. He has never missed a class. Swimming helps him avoid the long road journey, …

Mohammad refugee

Mohammad Shares His Story as a Refugee

It was New Year’s eve, and my daughter Saanya and I were at Skaramangas camp outside Athens, Greece listening to the heartbreaking and hopeful stories of refugees so we could share the human side of this massive crisis through our writing and photography. We asked Mohammad, an affable Iraqi Kurdish man with blue-grey eyes, his …

The Pious Sister - True Story

The Pious Sister - True Story

A sister was preparing for her wedding when she realized she had broken her wudu, so she was about to go and make her wudu again but her mother was very angry at her telling her she will be late. The sister didn’t care and went ahead to make wudu and pray. Whilst she was …

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