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hate non-Muslims

Are Muslims Required to Hate Non-Muslims?!

Short Answer: Of course not.Though there are some who believe this, the Quran does not tell us to unconditionally hate people of other faiths and backgrounds. The Quran is very explicit that we are to treat all people, regardless of their faith, with respect and kindness. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with …

Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) Treatment Of Non-Muslims - About Islam

Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) Treatment Of Non-Muslims

There is a gross misconception that we shouldn’t treat non-Muslims kindly. This is wrong. Look at Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) treatment of non-Muslims. He never harmed them. He always treated them with utmost of respect.

A Few Questions from A Catholic Friend - About Islam

A Few Questions from A Catholic Friend

Salam(Peace)Amy, I commend your efforts to get the correct information about Islam from the source. May Allah (God in Arabic) guide us all to the truth. Allah sometimes refers to Himself in the plural – ‘We’ or ‘Us’ – to emphasize His majesty or might. This is a rhetorical device in Arabic to indicate honor …

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