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Saudi Initiative Target Muslim Tourists

JEDDAH – A Saudi tourism commission has launched an initiative to make Saudi Arabia the preferred destination for Muslim tourists from all around the world. “The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) is building a productive private/public sector partnership (PPP) initiative that will transform the national tourism sector and contribute significantly to Saudi …

Saudi Plans Madinah Tourism Boost

MADINAH – Saudi transformation and tourism boards announced plans to develop the facilities and services of the tourist accommodation sector in Madinah. “Madinah is considered one of the pillars of National Transformation Program (NTP). Thus, we seek to revitalize tourism in it through many steps,” Khalid bin Hussein Al-Shahrani, the director general of the Madinah …

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

The Benefits of Non Muslims Visiting Mosques

When a group of non-Muslim visitors come to a mosque, a guide will warmly, politely and intelligently welcome them, preferably – if possible – in their own language. He will then accurately and scientifically explain to them about the mosque and what it stands for…

Checking into Halal Hotel, What is Different? (Watch)

Catering to a growing number of Muslim tourists, a new Shari`ah-compliant hotel opened a few steps away from iconic Petronas Towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, becoming the first hotel in Malaysia to be halal certified.

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