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prophets sin

Did the Prophets Ever Sin According to Islam?

Short Answer: No. They were fallible human beings, though. Before they received revelation, it’s unclear if they sinned. But as far as afterward, it’s important to note that they did make mistakes, but those mistakes were not considered sinful because they did not intentionally disobey God. Asalamu Alaikum Ahmad,  Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. …

Manners Prophet

The Manners of Prophet Muhammad – A Brief Account

Asalam Alaikum Muhammad,  Thank you for trusting About Islam with your very important question.  Allah Almighty sent His Prophet (PBUH) to mankind and taught him to be the best in ethics and manners so that we would find the most complete and best example in him.  Here are a few of what I conclude to be the …

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