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How to Teach 10-Year-Old Son About "Commitment"?

How to Teach 10-Year-Old Son About "Commitment"?

In this counseling answer: •You can begin by not putting too much pressure on him. Putting pressure on him, and punishing him will only make him have negative associations with these things. Instead, focus on the positives. •Another useful tactic in discipline children is to give them some control. This makes them more likely to complete …

Ex-Wife Against Teaching Islam to My Daughter

In this counseling answer: •Continue teaching your daughter about Islam as well as address the conflict of communication coming from your ex-wife. •Discuss with her the fact that you and her mother do not have the same religious values, but that as her father you will continue to teach her about Islam and hope that …

Teaching Children Islam: Now or Later?

In this counseling answer: “Teaching your children religion is one of their rights and a duty of both the mother and the father. As we mentioned above, if your financial situation permits, you should consider how to balance out and maximize the total number of hours of functional presence that you and your wife can have with …

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