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common mistakes during Talbiyah

Common Mistakes When Chanting Talbiyah

Are you performing Hajj this year? Certainly, you would like to have an acceptable Hajj and to perfect your rituals as much as possible. One of the dimensions you need to consider is to avoid common mistakes in the different stages of Hajj. In this series, we draw to your attention tosome of these mistakes. …

My Experience of Hajj- The Taste of Talbiyah

My Experience of Hajj: The Taste of Talbiyah

What’s special about the talbiyah is that it’s a unique dua for a unique place and time – we say it only in Makkah and only during Hajj or Umrah. That gives talbiyah a unique flavor for those who’ve done either Hajj or Umrah. It brings back many feelings and invokes memories of our moments of obedience to Allah.

Reciting the Talbiyah in Unison

Reciting the Talbiyah in Unison: OK?

Is it permissible for the pilgrims to recite the Talbiyah together after assuming ihram, where a person recites the Talbiyah and the others repeat after him?

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