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So Young for Wearing Hijab, I Want to Take it Off!

In this counseling answer: •It is very important that you realize that we all are tested, that yes the shaitan does whisper to Allah’s servant’s to pull them away from their creator.  However, we have free choice. • We have the ability to think for ourselves and choose the right path.  We have the option …

I Want to Take Off My Hijab; How Shall I Tell Mom?

I Want to Take Off My Hijab; How Shall I Tell Mom?

In this counseling answer: • It is possible that you feel such need to remove the hijab because you were never really taught by your parents the deep meaning behind the practice of hijab. So, learn first about the hijab in Islam. • Personally reach out to active women members in your community and ask …

When A Friend Takes Off Hijab

When A Friend Takes Off Hijab!

In this video,  Melanie answers the question, “What do you do when a friend takes off hijab?” This is a topic many people feel uncomfortable talking about and whenever issues of hijab are brought up (particularly when hijab is removed) there’s almost immediate push-back and the conversation spirals in a non-productive manner. Something needs to be done …

Challenges in Observing the Hijab

Challenges in Observing the Hijab

In this counseling answer: While things may be difficult now, in sha’ Allah, if you continue to wear hijab, it will get easier. Allah is most merciful. Allah helps and blesses His servants in ways we cannot imagine. While, of course, the ultimate decision of whether to wear hijab or not is yours, sister, please do think …

Can I Remove My Hijab?

Asalamu Alaikum Yasmina, Thank you so much for your valuable trust, and we do hope to help you the best that we can.  What you are asking is not such a simple question to be answered with either “Yes” or “No.” At a first glance, however, the answer seems to be quite simply that one …

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