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Student: I Want To Study Islam & Observe Pardah

Wa alaikum ussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Thank you for sending in your question to our website, sister. You are fortunate that Allah is guiding you towards the right path at such a young age, and filling your heart with a yearning to not just gain knowledge of the Deen of Islam, but to also …

Religious Knowledge vs. Pretentious Knowledge

Religious Knowledge vs. Pretentious Knowledge

The scholars of Islam revered religious knowledge above all else. This is all the more true for the great imams, like Abu Hanifah, Malik, al-Shafi`i, and Ahmad ibn Hanbal. At the same time, their reverence was born of the value they knew that religious knowledge had for people’s faith and practice, and this made them …

What Are The Dangers of Becoming Religious?

Do you know of people who went to extremes after becoming religious? One of the devil’s greatest traps is to push a new person to faith, a convert or otherwise, to “go too hard.” What are those signs and how can you protect yourself? In this brief video, in the series on Surat Al-Jinn, Imam …

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