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near death

What Are the Near Death Experiences of Muslims?

Short Answer: The Quran teaches that death DOES take place at the exact time Allah has decreed it. NDEs are obviously a reminder of the life hereafter. Prophet Muhammad narrated what believers and non-believers will experience at the time of death. Some details are also mentioned in the Quran. Allah decrees the time of death …

Mother's Soul

Will My Mother's Soul Haunt Me If I Get Married Now?

Short Answer:Islamically speaking, the mourning period is only a few days, but there are allowances for cultural practices, as long as they don’t go against Islam. What this means is if delaying your wedding will cause you to fall into sin, it is absolutely more important for you to get married than to obey cultural …

reincarnation islam

Reincarnation: Any Past Lives According to Islam?

Short Answer:There is no concept of reincarnation in Islam. We are given one chance on this earth to live a life worthy of Paradise. Our souls do live on after we die, though, and are granted Paradise or Hellfire, based on the life we lived. People who think they remember past lives are suffering from …

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