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My Kids Don't Feel the Joy of `Eid, What to Do?

How to Protect our Kids from Sexual Assault?

In this counseling answer: •Talking to your children about what is sexual assault and harassment can also prepare them and teach them how to keep safe, or at least reduce their risks. •Keeping open communication with your children is vitalinsha’Allahas if anything does happen they will feel safe and secure to come to you and …

Study: Wearing Hijab Can Make Woman Seem More Credible Witness - About Islam

Study: Wearing Hijab Can Make Woman Seem More Credible Witness

LANCASTER – A research by two Canadian and British universities has found that victims wearinghijab are viewed more positively when testifying in court than uncovered women, Daily Times reported. “Contrary to our prediction, participants rated victims wearing a Muslim garment as more credible than those who did not wear a Muslim garment,” said Meagan McCardle …

Sexual Assult Made Me Resentful of Islam & My Culture

Sexual Assult Made Me Resentful of Islam & My Culture

In this counseling answer: “You cannot undo the past, but you can take charge of the rest of your life moving forward.What has happened to you isn’t going to magically go away.It has shaped you clear into your adulthood. Knowing this, and accepting this, doesn’t mean you will forever be depressed, suicidal, or feel the …

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Does Hijab Guarantee Protection From Sexual Assault?

Short Answer:Of course not. It’s mere fabric, and it’s not meant to protect us. It’s an act of worship, not a means of protection. Women in hijab are sexually assaulted just as often as other women. Sexual assault or harassment isnever the victim’s fault, regardless what she was wearing. Of course women are permitted to …


#MeToo Exposes the Frightening Scale of Sexual Harassment

Using the hashtag #MeToo,womenhave been posting messages on social media to tell their stories and show how commonplace sexual assault and harassment are. The hashtag has become trending with a frightening number of women sharing their experiences as victims of sexual assault. Since The New York Times published aninvestigative reporton Oct. 5unveiling decades of sexual …

My Fiancée Was Raped: What Shall I Do?

My Fiancée Was Sexually Abused: Shall I Marry Her?

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum brother, Thank you for writing us with your most important concern. Sadly and horrifically, it is estimated that 120 million girls worldwide have beensexually abused. I am sorry that your fiancée had to go through this. I can imagine that for you as a man who cares about her, knowing that she …

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