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Muslim Men Between Protectiveness & Selfish Jealousy

Muslim Men Between Protectiveness & Selfish Jealousy

One of the most incorrectly translated and misunderstood concepts related to social issues is that of gheerah. Commonly translated as ‘jealousy’, the term ‘gheerah’ has unfortunately been used to justify extremely controlling and even abusive behavior from men towards their wives or other women over whom they wield authority. A better translation of gheerah is ‘honorable protectiveness’ rather than jealousy. A …

good reward

Should We Do Good For The Sake of Good Or For Reward?

Salam Dear Aslan, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. You are quite right when you say that good deeds should be done not merely for a reward from people, but because they are good deeds in themselves. But why do we wish to do what is good and just? Every act …


I'm Selfish; What to Do?

 In this counseling answer: “Once you have spent let’s say a week documenting your feelings, try to reflect back on what you have written. In what instances do you feel most stingy? Is it when you deal with material things such as food, toys, games, etc? If it is material things, could you do without …

The Scariest Part About Ramadan

The Scariest Part About Ramadan

The scariest part of Ramadan is that we might not reach Ramadan or the next one so we have to make the most of the month. We should not waste it and we should be selfish in Ramadan. Ramadan is about ourselves and Allah and our relationship with Him. This is a powerful reminder.

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