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Why Are There Secular Authorities in Islamic Countries?

Salam TJ, Thank you very much for your question.  First of all, in Islam there is no priesthood. The so-called clerics are Muslim scholars who are respected and honored by the people for their scholarship in religious matters. It is true that the Shiite Muslims scholars have titles and are held in greater honor than …

Zakah and the Economic System in Islam

Muslims around the world wonder why despite of the immense resources in their countries and around the world, they have been suffering economic deprivation for centuries! What has gone wrong? Let us first take a closer look at the Islamic economic system from the time of the Prophet Muhammad…

I No Longer Run Away from the Truth!

What I used to find static, appeared stable to me. This made me curious to read more in this regard; I spent hours online talking to friends who used to tell me about Islam. My outlook towards Islam started changing which was reflected when I spoke with my friends or discussed things with them.

Does Practicing Islam Mean Losing Friends?

We want all the comfort of the West and at the same time, we would like to see pious kids to practice Islam, do not date, dance, listen to music and attend the mosque regularly! This may be a great example of having the cake and eating it too. We want two opposites at the same time. Is there a solution?

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