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Islam is the Truth

How Do We Know Islam Is The Truth?

Short Answer:God sent His chosen Prophets to guide mankind to the truth.Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad all came with the same message: belief in the One God, the Creator of the universe.God completed and perfected His Guidance throughHis last Prophet, Prophet Muhammad. Islam is a natural and rational religion. God sent the Quran for …

Is There Criteria for True Faith? - About Islam

Is There Criteria for True Faith?

Asalamu AlaikumAbdul, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. For a faith to betrue,it must be accessible to all people, regardless of what language they speak, what age they are, what period they live in, or what their level or type of education is. Neither the blood in their veins, nor the color …

Advancing the Truth with Falsehood

Advancing the Truth with Falsehood

SalamDear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. I do not know about any ‘professor of Al-Azhar University’ who converted to Christianity. Often the claims made by the Islamophobes about Muslims converting to Christianity are dubious. There are some persons with Muslim backgrounds who are now working as Christian missionaries. …

Searching World Religions ... Finding Islam - About Islam

Searching World Religions ... Finding Islam

Finding Islam is a journey, a process, which can take weeks, months or years. Keith Washington grew up in the Bible Belt area of Southern Texas. He was a Baptist Christian till around the age of 17 After reading the Bible. he started a journey searching for the truth, searching world religions… This is his …

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