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Different Religious Opinions... Why and Which Is Acceptable?

Different Religious Opinions... Why and Which Is Acceptable?

We are all surrounded with different opinions about life. When it comes to religious opinions, this is no different. It would be of benefit to understand why there are differencesabout certain religious practices. Different Religious Opinions What makes an opinion valid or invalid? How do Muslims today deal with the confusion of so many voices …

Celebrate or not Celebrate Mawlid

Celebrate or Not Celebrate Mawlid? That's NOT the Question

Should we celebrate or not celebrate Mawlid? Almost all of us are aware of the term Mawlid. Mawlid is the observance of the birthday Of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) which is commemorated in Rabi` al-awwal. This occasion causes a lot of debates among Muslims. Should we celebrate or not? But moreimportantly, …

Imam Abu Hanifah & Scholars' Differences (Part 4/4)

Imam Abu Hanifah & Scholars' Differences

The next time we open up a book of fiqh and browse through the contents, let us remember that it is Abu Hanifah who innovated the sub-headings of fiqh. As-Suyuti said that Abu Hanifah was the first in Islam to organize the writing of fiqh under sub-headings embracing the whole of the Law, beginning with purity followed by prayer, etc.- As Ash-Shafi`i remarked, “People are all the dependents of Abu Hanifah in fiqh.”

Why Diversity in Isam is Not a Malady

Why Diversity in Islam is Not a Malady?

Salam(Peace) Dear Peter, I would like to thank you immensely for your eagerness to know about Islam. Let’s start, before anything else, by stating one fact: People are created to lead a life of diversity because without this diversity life would be boring and difficult. Imagine if all people came from the same background, eating …

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