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Wherever You Are - Spiritual Song by Sami Yusuf

Wherever You Are - Spiritual Song by Sami Yusuf

Shot in California, Wherever You Are is a masterfully composed single, sung in three different languages, English, Persian and Arabic. The song holds a special charm and deep spiritual message. Enjoy 🙂 English lyrics: My best times Were when I felt close to you But everything fell apart The moment I strayed from you In …

Sami Yusuf - Shadowless

The lyrics of this song is left people confused. Who is the speaker? Is it a love song? Or Maybe it has a deeper meaning? Listen to the song and let’s know how do you understand it 🙂 Lyrics What do you see? Tell me what do you taste? Tell me what do you hear …

Sami Yusuf

Let Us Not Forget - New Song By Sami Yusuf

Enjoy this newly released song by Islamic singer, Sami Yusuf. Sami Yusuf is by no means your typical British celebrity: The Guardian named him “the biggest British star in the Middle East”, Time Magazine dubbed him “Islam’s Biggest Rockstar”, while the United Nations has appointed him a UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger and recognized him as a promoter of world peace …

Make Me Strong - Sami Yusuf

Sometimes life gets too much. The road is long. We need Allah to make us strong. This is a beautiful nasheed by Sami Yusuf without music.

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