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Is the Reward for Listening to Quran the Same as Reading It?

Short Answer: Although there are great rewards in listening to the Quran, “more of the human senses are engaged when a Muslim recites the Quran aloud, than when they just listen to it…The heart, as well as the body, connects more deeply to the Quran when a Muslim recites it aloud, with full focus and …


What Are The Virtues of Surat Al Baqarah?

Short Answer: It dispels Satan from the house and brings more peace when it’s read regularly. The Prophet said we should at least read its last two verses each night. __________________________________________ Peace be upon you dear questioner, Thank you so much for asking such an important question. Indeed, Surat Al Baqarah has enormous value and …

Quran daily

Why Should I Read the Quran Daily?

Short Answer: Because it’s the duty of every Muslim to understand the Quran, it will be a proof of our faith in Allah on the Day of Judgment, our status in this life before Allah will be higher than if we don’t read the Quran, and our position in Paradise is even higher for each …

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