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Why Doesn't God Answer My Dua?

Why Doesn't God Answer My Dua?

In today’s world, things have become fast paced and convenient. We expect our items ordered on Amazon to be here in 2 days, our menu order to be served within minutes and we grow impatient waiting for a text response to a message sent 2 minutes earlier. This type of lifestyle can increase productivity, but …


Why is This Happening to Me?

Short Answer: There can be countless reasons behind why Allah has kept something from you. Maybe Allah is not giving a person something due to the harm it may have on the certain individual. Or the object will bring about many negative things in the person’s life, because at times there are people who don’t understand …

Duaa Not Being Answered

Why is My Duaa Not Being Answered Yet?

Short Answer: Only Allah knows what is good for us and only He knows the right time. We are not aware whether our supplications will bring us joy and betterment, or cause our own misery, downfall and destruction. Instead, we should perform the istikharah prayer in order to ask Allah to guide us regarding what we want. Whatever …

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