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Female Prophets

Were There Any Female Prophets According to Islam?

Short Answer:A number of renowned scholars have demonstrated thatthere were female prophets, as there were male prophets; although they did have different opinions about whom to include in their list of female prophets.For example, Imam Al-Qurtubi, in his famous commentary, explained that in principle there is nothing against sending female prophets, similar to sending male …

Mary's Ascension

Is There Proof of Mary's Ascension?

Short Answer:First of all,Christiansdo not talk about Mary’s “Ascension.” They talk about her “Assumption” into heaven.The Eastern Orthodox Churches have always celebrated a feast called the “Dormition” of the “Mother of God”, wherein they believe that at the end of her life, after “falling asleep,” she was taken up to heaven. Roman Catholics celebrate a …

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