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Why is Allah Testing Me?

Don’t become depressed to the degree that you begin to question Allah. People say: “Why is Allah testing me? Why? He doesn’t like me” Well if that’s the case, He didn’t like anyone on earth because everyone is tested. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the most beloved to Allah…

Drawn by its Tolerance

That night, I prayed, and read, leaving it to God to guide my reading. The first verse I read was about People of the Book — Christians and Jews — being part of God’s people. Well, that was an eye opener. A faith that is not only tolerant, but inclusive towards an opposed faith! I read on a bit.

Should I Pray

Bleeding after Miscarriage: Should I Pray?

Wa`alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear sister, let us express our sincere thanks to you for your eagerness to ask this question and we implore Almighty Allah to guide us …

Let the Secret Out

No parent wants his or her child to fall into the hands of the wrong kind of people. It is partly because they see your choice of Islam as a rejection of them and all that they stand for.

6 Steps to Remove Doubts

Worry seeped into your beautiful new world. Uncertainties chipped away at the solace you had found. Was I wrong? Am I stupid? Have I become one of the blind, ignorant ones I used to mock – leaning lamely on a false crutch? You began to question the authenticity of the Quran…

Syria Children Pray for Peace

ALEPPO – Syrian Muslim and Christian children from the city of Aleppo will come together next October 6 to pray for an end to the ongoing war, and draw pictures about their lives to send to Pope Francis. “We have invited a large number of children to imagine and produce designs about what they are …

Welcome to Madinah

After that prayer, my turning point of the day came. With time on my side, I stayed after prayer to make dua. And it was during that dua that something in me finally clicked. The floodgates opened, and my connection to Allah suddenly emerged as strong as ever…

Why Does a Supplication Remain Unanswered?

God knows all of our secrets, dreams, and wishes, nothing is hidden from Him. God is with His creation by His knowledge and power. Why then do some du’as (supplications) remain unanswered? A mighty question indeed and even the first Muslims were concerned with the answer.

A Lesson of Brotherhood from a Muslim Man's Hajj Diary

How do you know that Allah has accepted your du`aa’s, your prayers?” As the tears well up into my eyes, I notice our group leader and I ask him this question. He reminded me that Allah is as we expect of Him. That we prayed and asked for forgiveness and we expect that Allah in His infinite Mercy will be merciful to us and forgive us.

Too Broken to Pray?

Life can sometimes deal you crippling blows. There may be times when you’re simply too broken, weak, discouraged, and hopeless to stand, bow, and kneel in prayer. Knowing that you’re the source of your own problem doesn’t help either. Face it— you’re just too weak to get up and run that spiritual marathon.

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