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How Wealth Can Harm Our Spirituality

How Wealth Can Harm Our Spirituality

People strive for more and more because they want to be immortal. They want to have more descendants, build a structure that lasts forever, and be remembered as the wealthiest or most handsome…

Content Though the Heart is Aching - What's the Secret?

The feeling that nothing whatsoever in this universe can slip from the grasp of God pours peace and tranquility into the heart of the believer. No matter how troublesome the circumstances are or how dark the situation is, they remain under the Will of God

How to Empty the Heart from Loving This World?

When your forehead touches the ground in prayer, just take time, let your forehead stay there a bit longer than normal and say to Allah: “O Allah, help me to be a better person, help me to be a better Muslim” and surely He will reply.

Home as the Place of Delight

Islam perceives the house as a place of matchless delight. It is a ground for taking pleasure in the most and best gifts that God has made permissible to man. The Arabic term “maskan“, which also means the house, is derived from an Arabic verb “sakana” which means to calm down, to repose, to rest, …

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