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Why Did Prophet Muhammad Come After Jesus?

Short Answer:Mostly because the true message of Jesus was lost with time. Jesus and Muhammad taught the same basic idea: worship God alone, be a good person, be just and generous and helpful and stand on the side of the oppressed. But over time, his message was corrupted by people like Paul. It’s the Paulified …

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Why Isn't Apostle Paul Mentioned In The Quran?

Peace to you, as well, Joseph, and thank you for this question. Before I converted to Islam, I was a very devout evangelical Christian. I worked as a missionary, spreading the message of Jesus’ death as an atonement for sin. In order to do this, I attended a Bible college wherein we took many classes …

Who Invented the Trinity? - About Islam

Who Invented the Trinity?

When controversy over the matter of the Trinity blew up in 318 between two churchmen from Alexandria – Arius, the deacon, and Alexander, his bishop – Emperor Constantine stepped into the fray…

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