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What Should I Do with My Fighting Parents?

In this counseling answer: • It may not be a good idea to “force” or pressure your parents to separate or divorce. • Start creating boundaries with your parents. • Be assertive with your father; talk to him openly about how affected you and your siblings are. • Going to professional therapy can help both …

Dad Cheats on My Mom with Another Married Woman

In this counseling answer: • Take your time and don’t act out of anger. Consider all your options, the strengths and weaknesses, and potential consequences. Take this matter to Allah time and continue asking him for guidance. • Let your focus be in something other than what is going on at home. If you have …

Dad Cheats on Mom; What Can I Do?

Dad Cheats on Mom; What Can I Do?

In this counseling answer: • You may want to approach him with some questions. Based upon your dad’s response, you may be able to tell whether or not it has touched his heart in regards to his own sins of adultery. • If this is an ongoing act, what it comes down to is that …

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