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Muslim Heroes of English Premier League

LONDON – Liverpool fans’ love for the Muslim ‘Egyptian King’ shows how much the English sport has changed since the days of the National Front (NF) far-right fascists chanting on terraces. Britons are changing their opinion about Muslims in the Premier League. The indisputably stylish and devoted Muslim sportsmen of the English Premier League (EPL) …

Muslim Footballers Share `Eid Wishes

LONDON – A host of global Muslim stars were revelling in the celebratory mood as Muslims marked the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the feast, sharing `Eid wishes with their fans worldwide.

Arsenal Plans Mosque Outside Emirates Stadium

Several unconfirmed reports that Arsenal is planning to build a new mosque outside its Emirates Stadium went viral on social media on Friday, August 12, with many welcoming the move for respecting gunners’ fans and Muslim players.

Qur’an, Prayer: Secrets of Real Madrid Star

Unveiling the secrets of his special performance, German national team star and Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Özil is keen on reciting verses of the Noble Qur’an and performing a short prayer before any football game.

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