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Practicing Islam

Mother Stopping Convert From Practicing Islam: What to Do?

Short Answer: You are not alone in what you are dealing with your mother. Parents, especially mothers, are granted a high status in Islam, and it is important for us to be good to them, but obedience to Allah overrides obedience to humans. Hijab does not need to be observed in private spaces around other …

Muslim Engagement Ceremony

How to Do a Muslim Engagement Ceremony?

Short Answer:Islam views marriage an act of worship and obedience to Allah. Remember thatengagement is just a promise of marriage. It does not entitle fiancés to any special rights over one another. Do your best to make your non-Muslim parents attend yourMuslim engagement ceremony.Do not forget to invite your close friends and relatives as well, …

Can I Be Muslim Even If My Husband Is Not

Can I Be Muslim Even If My Husband Is Not?

Short Answer:Muslim scholars differ in opinion on this matter.According to the four main schools of jurisprudence, it is forbidden for the wife to remain with her husband, or indeed to allow him conjugal rights, once her period of waiting has expired. However, some scholars see that it is for her to remain with him, allowing …

Tell Family Want Muslim?

How Can I Tell My Family I Want to Be Muslim?

Salam (Peace) Kenyah, I am happy to hear that you are interested in becoming a Muslim, and I pray that God will guide you and help you in this. You can try looking on theIslamic Finderor any other search engine on the Internet for mosques or Islamic centers near you. But let me also give …

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