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marry drug dealer not muslim

Marry a Drug Dealer, But Not a Muslim!

What will you do if your beloved mother tells you: “I don’t care if you marry a drug dealer, but don’t marry a Muslim?” This is exactly what was told to Susan Carland when she was 17 years old after declaring that one of her New Year’s resolutions was “to investigate other religions.”

What Happened When Victoria Mosques Opened Their Doors?

VICTORIA – Representing a minority in the Australian population, Victoria Muslims opened their doors this month to welcome neighbors, offering them a chance to counter their fear of their neighbors. “Muslims are only 2.6 percent of the Australian population, which means the average Australian will not get to meet the average Australian Muslim,” Saara Sabbagh, …

What Is the Western Perception of Muslims

What Is the Western Perception of Muslims?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. As seemingly simple as your question appears, it is quite difficult to answer. Like the game of ‘Chinese Whispers’, as the story progresses along a chain of communication, it changes and evolves into a myth. Here the original story began at …

Aussie Muslim Named Most Popular TV Personality

In a victory for diversity in Australia, channel 10 Waleed Aly has won the TV Week Gold Logie for most popular personality on Australian television, dedicating the award to people “with unpronounceable names like Waleed”.

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