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Muslim Couple Share Wedding Buffet with London Homeless

LONDON – Making their wedding day memorable forever, a British Muslim couple has dedicated a share of their wedding buffet to the homeless and the less fortunate in their London borough, Ilmfeed reported. “Our marriage is a blessed and memorable day for us. We wanted to express our gratitude for all the positive things in …

Muslim Marriage

How Should a Muslim Marriage and Reception Be?

Short Answer: There no real problem if the Muslim community can hold receptions, where women and men can share a space of social life, those might be on one side and these on the other. Seeing each other is not a problem as long as women are properly dressed and minding the “body language” appropriate …

Can Muslims Go on Honeymoon?

Can Muslims Go on Honeymoon?

Many Muslims go on honeymoon, but I see no evidence for this in the Qur’an or the Prophet’s hadiths. Isn’t this blind aping of the West or are there benefits attached to such a practice?

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