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No Prayers for Non-Locals in Taj Mahal Mosque: Indian Supreme Court

Non-Local Muslims Barred from Taj Mahal Mosque

NEW DELHI – The Supreme Court of India has barred Muslims on July 9 from praying at Taj Mahal mosque, India Today reported. The court dismissed a Muslim plea that challenged a prayer ban issued by the administration of Agra city to debar non-resident Muslims from praying on Fridays at Taj Mahal mosque. The district …

Centuries-Old Qur’an Copy Found In India - About Islam

Centuries-Old Qur’an Copy Found In India

CAIRO – One of the world’s oldest copies of the holy Qur’an, recovered by police in the south western state of Karnataka, is believed to be dating back to the period of Mughal ruler, Akbar, which existed at least four centuries ago. “There is no information except that it is dedicated to the saints of …

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