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The Honor of Being Muslim

Being Muslim Is Honor... Imam Basyouni Explains How

Being a Muslim is a choice, it cannot be forced. Islam addresses our emotions, reasonand heart. Why should we submit ourselves to Allah, and to the order of the messenger of Allah? What are the values that Islam focuses on? Imam Waleed Basyouni answers the above questions and more. More Links:

Relevance Before Preaching: The Meccan Prophet (PBUH)

Relevance Before Preaching: The Meccan Prophet (PBUH)

In the 40 years prior to Prophethood, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was famously known by the people of Makkah as Al-Amin – The Trustworthy One. Through his character, he was relevant in the most significant way. Usama Canon explains the responsibility Muslims have today.We need to be relevant in our …

Unable to Control Your Anger? These 3 Tips Will Help You - About Islam

Unable to Control Your Anger? These 3 Tips Will Help You

Do you get angry? Often? How do you express your anger? Do you think you are unique in your family in the way you express your anger? If not, do you find yourself repeating another family member’s style of expressing anger? Have you witnessed someone become angry recently? What about in your own family? How …

Premarital Relationships — Why Not?

Premarital Relationships — Why Not?

Why not engage in premarital affairs? How would you answer this question? As a young Muslim, do you feel this question is relevant to you at all? Have you discussed it with your friends? Is it a question you have thought about? Do you understand why not? If you are uncertain about how you would …

deity care

Would a Deity Care About Morals?

Short Answer:If God created the rational beings called humans, is it reasonable to conclude that after the creation of man, God stopped taking any interest in the welfare of humans?God has decided that human’s earthly life will be a test. And the test consists of how much one is able to abide by the morals …

The Moral Aspect of Islam

The Moral Aspect of Islam (Part 1/2)

The Islamic Message introduced a social revolution unprecedented in the East or West in ancient or modern times. One of the most important aspects of this revolution was the moral and spiritual transformation which Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) exemplified in his deeds and personality and in the principles he …

Hajj: A Merciful Strength

Hajj and Merciful Strength

Hajj is an obligation which none can undertake except those who are strong as well as honest, and none can perform its rites in full except those whom Allah has granted good knowledge and healthy bodies. In addition, its superior horizons cannot be perceived except by those who have perfect faith, sound body, great heart, …

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