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The Night Visitor - An Invitation to Ponder

Chapter 86 At-Tariq (The Night Visitor)

We are given the impression that it is serious, perhaps even beyond explanation. It is, we are then told, the star of piecing brightness. A star whose light penetrates or cuts through the darkness.

How is Jesus Described in the Quran?

How is Jesus Described in the Quran?

The Quran is the sacred scripture of Islam, and in it, more than ninety verses spread across fifteen chapters discuss Jesus. Three chapters are named after their reference to Jesus: the third chapter of Quran, ‘The Family of Imran,’ is named after the father of Mary…

The Prophet's Night Journey - How it First Started?

Prophet Muhammad's Night Journey - How it First Started?

After this extremely difficult year, Prophet Muhammad felt his relief in the form of a major blessing, the Night Journey and Ascension. Even though it was dangerous and he risked attack by the Pagans of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad often spent the night in prayer at the sacred masjid in Makkah.

Story of Splitting of the Moon in the Quran

Story of the Moon Splitting in the Quran

One night they saw the moon split into two pieces and the two halves were so separated that each one appeared on either side of the mount Hira. After a moment the moon was again joined together. One would think that after seeing such a tremendous sign…

Mary: The Honored Mother of Jesus

Mary was scared and frightened; she felt so weak, having just given birth, so how could she possibly shake the immense trunk of a date tree? But God continued to provide Mary with sustenance. The next event was indeed another miracle, and as human beings we learn a great lesson from this…

How Do We Know that the Quran is from God? 5 Proofs

How Do We Know that the Quran is from God? 5 Proofs

The Quran foretold many matters of the unseen and made several prophecies that were all fulfilled exactly as they were foretold. For example, the Persians defeated the Byzantines in one of their battles and the Quran recorded this defeat foretelling that the Byzantines would defeat the Persians…


Biological Miracle of Our Movements

When someone moves from one place to another, lifts something, or does a certain physical work, what is the secret behind such movement or motion?

Miracle In The Quran To Stay Looking Young

Miracle In The Quran To Stay Looking Young

What is the miracle in the Quran to stay looking young? Mufti Menk discusses the people of the cave. Today, science has proven that the sun ages people faster! This will blow your mind!

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