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I Can’t Stop Thinking about Boys

I Can’t Stop Thinking about Boys

In this counseling answer: • Instead of thinking about boys, focus on your present life, needs, and goals. • Join a single sisters’ group or enroll in marriage seminars at your mosque. • Keep your five daily prayers. Make du’aa’, do dhzkir, read Qur’an, and reflect upon the beauty and magnificence of mercy and forgiveness. As Salamu ‘Alaikum sister, …

Allah Loves You Just For Trying

Allah Loves You Just For Trying

Allah loves you just for trying. Allah loves you just for the effort. And if you think about how beautiful and profound that is, then it actually helps you to repent and helps you to make dua. So there is a very beautiful explanation for this verse from the spiritual…

Is This Real Love or Just Lust?

In this counseling answer: • In psychology, a western scholar stated that a man and a woman could not be “friends” without thinking further ahead of their lives together. This is an innate feeling of men and women. • Marriage is a Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed SAW. However, this certainly does not mean that we need …

Does Islam Give Us the Freedom to Love

Does Islam Give Us the Freedom to Love?

Wa Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Dear Brother, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. I pray that Allah grants you even more guidance to seek out the truth, and to act upon it. Ameen. Well, the short and simple answer to your question, is that, yes, a Muslim does have the …

Solving Family Problems with Love

Solving Family Problems with Love

Solving family problems is a big challenge that every home will inevitably face. So, this short video by Mufti Menk is useful. It takes a quick look at problem solving within family; between spouses, parents and children. Whether spouses were unable to address struggles or parents failed to play roles, one thing was certain; loving communication …

Do You Love Allah? What Is Your Love Language?

What Is Your Love Language with Allah?

Do you love Allah? For every Muslim, the answer to this short question should be a resounding “YES!”. But if we love Allah, how are we showing it? In an earlier article, we discussed the important of expressing love to each other for the sake of Allah. We offered examples of expressions of love supported …

My Friend Has a Boyfriend; How to Guide Her?

My Friend Has a Boyfriend; How to Guide Her?

In this counseling answer: •Punctuate your time with your friend with stories of “bad endings” people had with boyfriends. •Make duaa for her. •Continue to be her support. Inshallah, your calm and guiding behavior will change her for the better. •Be patient and do not talk bad about her boyfriend. •Discuss marriage with her. What type …

Affection Ramadan

Love and Affection ... in Ramadan?

Short Answer: To love is basically to pursue the will of Allah, in order to join together, in families and communities, to fill the earth with love and peace. In fact, human sensibility is very existential. It cannot be regulated except from within. The more taqwa (Allah’s love and fear mixed and blended) you achieve within your …

7 Acts That Will Grant You God’s Help

7 Acts That Will Grant You God's Help

This is a lesson in how to attain the help of God by helping one of His servants. Sometimes when a person feels as if he is swamped with difficulty, God, in answer to his supplication, will send help from an unexpected source. Often this source is in the form of another Muslim.

Understanding the Meaning of God’s Mercy

Understanding the Meaning of God's Mercy

Allah takes care of us when we cannot take care of ourselves. He is making our hearts beat without us having any control of it. He is making sure that blood reaches all parts of our body every single second to ensure that the food we eat is distributed…

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