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Seal of Prophets

Was Muhammad the Seal of Prophets?

Short Answer: Many non-Muslims compare him to Jesus internalizing the idea that Jesus was a God – as they believe – and Muhammad was just a human being. So this is a very important point to start with – refuting the idea that Jesus was a God. As for Muhammad (peace be upon him); he was …

Muhammad prophet

Was Muhammad A Prophet Or An Opportunist?

Short Answer: Surely if he had been an opportunist, he wouldn’t have refused to accept the bribes from the ruling clan in Makkah when they offered him anything and everything if he would only drop his message of God’s Oneness. Islam cost him all the wealth and prestige he had gained in his marriage to Khadijah. …

Why Are There So Many Lies About Islam Online?

Asalamu Alaikum Loulwah, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. It is indeed a pressing one. I recently reviewed a book on this subject entitled Virtually Islamic which, although it was based on a survey of Islam on the internet done a couple of years ago, is still largely valid today. Someone wanting to find …

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