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Check Out The Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in the World

Check Out The Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in the World

WASHINGTON – Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. Its Arabic term “masjid” literally means “a place of prostration as an act of worship”. Mosques are found all over the world, but the list below, picked byArchitecture Youtube Channel, shows ten of the most beautiful mosques: 1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi 2. …

What's Inside Ka`bah? - About Islam

What's Inside Ka`bah?

The Ka’bah is the sacred House of God situated in the middle of the Holy mosque in the city of Makkah, in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Lifts Ka`bah Kiswa for Hajj - About Islam

Saudi Lifts Ka`bah Kiswa for Hajj

Indicating the start of this year hajj season, Saudi officials raised Ka`bah kiswa, on Friday, July 19, as a precautionary measure to prevent people from damaging it during the pilgrimage season.

Mesut Özil Reveals Special Gift from Makkah - About Islam

Mesut Özil Reveals Special Gift from Makkah

LONDON – Arsenal Muslim midfielder Mesut Özil has revealed a special gift from Kaaba’s Kiswa, a rare and priceless gift for any Muslim. “Honoured and privileged to have this special piece of the Kiswa that covers the Kaaba in Mecca at my home in London. 🕋 Incredibly blessed to have received this priceless gift. Alhamdulillah,” …


One Day Inside Haram: A Fascinating Glimpse (Documentary)

MAKKAH – Taking advantage of recently concluded Hajj season this year, Abrar Hussain and Abdullatif Alshehri produced a documentary that proffers an access-all-areas look at the Haram, the Great Mosque of Makkah, where Hajj takes place. “Only Muslims are permitted to enter Makkah, and this look inside the mosque offers an exceptionally rare glimpse into …

A Journey I Haven't Taken Yet: Hajj Memories & Reflections

Journey I Haven't Taken Yet: Hajj Memories & Reflections

Recently, I was sitting with my children and a few of their friends. We spoke about places in the world being portals of power. We discussed a place that holds special lessons for us. Since Hajj season was approaching, it was fitting to discuss Makkah, Kaaba and Arafat. Once a year, Muslims of every ethnic …

The Building Of  Kaba - About Islam

The Building Of Kaba

Here is the short story of how Prophet Ibrahim and Ismael built the Kaba. It is animated and excellent to show kids about the building of Kaba.

Towards Al-Aqsa When Kaaba Had Idols

First Qiblah: Towards Jerusalem Because of Idols in The Kaabah?

Short Answer:It had nothing to do with the idols in the Kaabah and everything to do with showing that Islam is a continuation of Judaism and Christianity. Initially, Muslims were commanded to face both the Kaabah and Jerusalem.But, when Prophet Muhammad moved to Madinah, it was geographically and physically impossible to face bothqiblahsat the same …

worshiping kabah

Are Muslims Worshiping the Kabah?

Salam Dear Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. As you know, the Kabah is the prayer direction for all Muslims around the world; known as kibla in Arabic. So the Kabah does not represent divinity, it only unites all the Muslims around the world, forming a standardized way of …

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