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I Can’t Find a Job; I Feel Ashamed

I Can't Find a Job; I Feel Ashamed

In this counseling answer: • Rejection is always the first staircase to success. When you get rejected, you can improve yourself for a better interview in the future, perhaps for a better position given the skills that you acquired. • When you meet new people and grow your network, you may be able to get opportunities …

A Hijabi's Guide to Nailing an Interview

Job interviews can be so nerve-wracking! But if you do a little prep beforehand, it can actually be an enjoyable and confidence-boosting experience. I know it may not seem possible now, but trust me on this! As a hijabi, you might have some concerns about religious discrimination, but rest easy: the law is actually on …

How to Find a Job & Keep Your Beard

How to Find a Job & Keep Your Beard

Answer: As-Salam ‘Aleikom brother, Since you live in the UK, you might have noticed that it is a huge trend to keep a beard for men. It is fashion and nobody looks at it as a strange thing. I know you don’t have beard because of fashion, but it is easier to have it for …

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