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How Will the Prophet Intercede for Us In The Hereafter?

Short Answer:Intercession is not the same thing asintermediation.We have a direct connection to God himself, without any need for an intermediary. That being said, out of his love for Prophet Muhammad, God has given him alone the special right to intercede on our behalf before God on Judgment Day. But, it’s important to know that …

pray name Muhammad

Do Muslims Pray "In the Name of Muhammad"?

Short Answer:No, absolutely not.Muslims do not worship Muhammad like some Christians worship Jesus. He was only a man, a very good man, but a man, nonetheless. We only ever pray to God, using God’s name(s), as we do not believe that people need an intercessor between us and God. Salaam alaykum, peace and blessings of …


"Wasta": Appeal to Influential People To Secure Our Future?

Wa alaikum ussalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh, Thank you for sending in your question to our website. Your question involves the issue of whether it is permissible for parents to request an influential person, such as someone in a government position, to intercede on the behalf of their child to get them admitted into a …

Are There Saints in Islam? - About Islam

Are There Saints in Islam?

Asalamu Alaikum Farouq, Thank you for your question and for having faith in us to offer you an answer for your important question. If by saints you mean those among the Muslims who are considered by many to be very pious servants of Allah, then yes, there are many whom we could call “saints” in …

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